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Offres de thèse en Grande Bretagne

PhD Studentship: Developing an Institutional Size Thermal Uplift Gasifier Cookstove

PhD Studentship: Computational Imaging

PhD Studentship in the field of Nanoscale Soft Matter and Bio-interfaces

PhD Title: Blast Noise Prediction and Management

Novel Cell Culture Strategies for T-cell Activation and Expansion

Simulation of Evolving Thermal Conductivity in Materials for Nuclear Fusion: Fully Funded PhD Studentship (3 year) in Engineering Department

PhD Studentship at the Alzheimer Scotland Dementia Research Centre on Modelling Environmental Risk for Dementia

Fully Funded EPSRC and Calon Cardio PhD Scholarship: In vitro analysis of Acquired von Willebrand Syndrome in patients implanted with ventricular assist device

Optimizing Polyacrylamide (PAM) spray application to mitigate the effect of soil splash and capping on high value horticultural crops.

Full-time 1+3 year MSc by Research + PhD Scholarship or +3 year PhD Scholarship

Fully Funded KESS II PhD: Synthesis, characterisation of novel alginate/carbon nanomaterial composite hydrogels with incorporate enzymes for health monitoring

Marie Curie Fellowship

Marie Curie Fellowship

Marie Curie Fellowship

PhD Studentship: High-energy Electrode Materials for Next-generation Batteries SCI1813

PhD Studentship: The finish machining of additively manufactured (AM) Nickel Super-alloy components

PhD Studentship on Weak-Memory Concurrency

Fully Funded KESS II PhD Scholarship: Biodegradable nanovectors for advanced Ovarian Cancer therapeutics

PhD Studentship in Chemical Engineering New Approaches for in vivo and in silico Modelling of the Oral Microbiome

2 Additional Doctoral Training Studentships in Digital Civics

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