Menzel Jemil (منزل جميل)


FUBA Printed Circuits Tunisie

Established in 1991, Fuba Printed Circuits is one of the leading providers of printed circuit board services from product concept to maturity.
Fuba is focusing on high quality multilayer PCB mass manufacturing for the European automotive industry, as well as the U.S.A. Making use of a lower cost base in Tunisia, FUBA has established long-term supplier relations to serve the demands of well-known automotive first-tiers and OEMs…
Its 22 years of experience in PCB manufacturing across a myriad of customers enables Fuba Tunisie to cater to the specific and technology driven challenges from the automotive, medical, telecom and industrial sectors. Fuba Tunisie has always prided itself to be the one to offer the advanced copper inlays, controlled depth, impedance control and up to 26 layers technology.
FUBAs strategic plan is focusing on expanding into high-tech, high-reliability PCB manufacturing in larger serial production.
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