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Offres de thèse en Grande Bretagne

PhD Studentship - Investigating Hydride Growth Mechanisms in Zirconium Alloys

The numerical modelling of small-scale ocean processes by integrating deterministic and artificial intelligence techniques

PhD Studentship Opportunity in Development of Ionization Track Structure Models and Micro-Dosimetry Formalism for Clinical Hadron Beams

PhD Studentship Opportunity in Micro-dosimetric characterization of clinical hadron beams

PhD Studentship: Deep Learning Methods for Social Awareness in Human-Robot Interaction

PhD Studentship - Modelling Environmentally Assisted Cracking in Ni-based Superalloys

PhD Studentship: Artificial Intelligence and Road Traffic Signal Control

PhD Studentship - A Terabit Bidirectional Multi-user Optical Wireless System

High Sensitivity, Multispecies Gas Sensing in Hollow Core Fibres

Hollow Core Fibres for Mid-infrared Gas Sensing, Quantum Optics & Metrology

Environmental Planning: ESRC Wales Doctoral Training Partnership PhD Studentship

Postgraduate Studentships

PhD Studentship - Exploring the Processes of Nucleation and Growth in the Oxidation of Zirconium Alloy Fuel Rods

PhD Studentship in Heritage Studies (Fixed Term)

PhD Studentship in Advanced Composite Structures and Metamaterials (in collaboration with a major aerospace industry) ENG1249

EngD Studentship: Cryogenic and CO2 Coolants during Machining of Next-generation Aircraft Grade Materials (sponsored by AMRC and EPSRC)

PhD Studentship: Study of nanoparticles in tribological contacts

Early Stage Researcher (MISTRAL MSCA-ITN)

EngD Studentship: Advanced Manufacturing Methods for Aerospace Actuation Systems (Sponsors: University of Sheffield AMRC, EPSRC and Collins Aerospace Actuation Systems)

EngD Studentship: Process Monitoring during Grinding of Novel Aerospace Grade Materials (sponsored by Rolls-Royce and EPSRC)

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