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Offres de thèse en Grande Bretagne

PhD Studentship: Degradation of the Lithium-ion Battery

DPhil CASE studentship in Inorganic/Physical Chemistry research area - Developing an On-Chip Reagentless Cancer screen

Diamond Light Source PhD Studentship: Structural Biology of Complex Enzymes in Parkinson's Disease

PhD Studentship - Aerodynamics of Static and Dynamic Stall - An Experimental Study

PhD Studentship: Developing a 3-dimensional multicellular model of human osteosarcoma

PhD Studentship - New DIC-based Material Test Standards: Design and Validation

PhD Studentship: Uncertainty Quantification in Aeroelasticity using Reduced Order Models

PhD Studentship: Supramolecular Assemblies Based on Coordination Cages

PhD Studentship Opportunity in In-silico Analysis of Tissue Specificity of Dermal Exposure, Deposition and Absorption Kinetics

PhD Studentship Opportunity in Development and Validation of a 3D Pancreatic Cancer Cell Organoid System for Radiation Response Studies to Support Advanced Radiotherapy

BBSRC SWBio DTP CASE Studentship - Environmental Evaluation of UK Sheep Production Systems based on High-resolution Primary Data

PhD in Communications

DPhil Studentship in Inorganic Chemistry and Catalysis

PhD Scholarship in Computational Methods for the Generation of Enhanced Diagnostic Outputs in Medical X-ray Imaging

PhD Studentship: Blockchain Security

Development of representative methods to predict contamination from explosive materials in the environment, PhD

PhD Studentship in Chemical Engineering: Next Generation of Composite Molten Salt-ceramic Membranes for Selective Separation of NOx, SO2 and CO2

PhD Studentship: Cyber Security

Fully funded PhD Scholarship in Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing

PhD Studentship Event and Anomaly Detection Targeting Rail Applications Using Deep Machine Learning Techniques

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Oct 30, 2012