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Offres de thèse en Grande Bretagne

PhD Studentship: Hollow Core Fibre Photonics for Communications

PhD Studentship: Hybrid Nano-Electro-Mechanical Systems for Controlling Light and Sensing

PhD Studentship in "Shoulder/Upper Limb Research"

AHRC Studentship: Applying Design Thinking to the development of Ethical Artificial Intelligence in Accounting

PhD Studentship: Microwave Driven Ion Trap Quantum Computing

Horizon PhD/GTA Matched Funding Studentship, Department of Computer Science

PhD Studentship: Multi-vector modelling of community energy systems

PhD Studentship: Developing a Portable Quantum Sensor

PhD Studentship: Operating an Ion Trap Quantum Computer

PhD Studentship: Fast & High Fidelity Quantum Gates on a Trapped Ion Quantum Computer

Fully Funded Airbus Group Endeavr Wales PhD Scholarship: Feasibility of perovskite solar cells for space applications

PhD Studentship: Heat related sleep deprivation in summer and its prevention

PhD Studentship: The design of mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR) systems for low-energy buildings.

PhD Studentship: Evaluating indoor air quality in educational buildings.

PhD Studentship: Improving the prediction of overheating in complex urban dwellings

PhD Studentship: Understanding window opening behaviour in modern dwellings

Fully Funded Swansea University and Headwise PhD Scholarship: Mock Juror Perceptions of Defendants with Acquired Brain Injury

PhD Studentship: Using Machine Learning to Predict Post-Storage Fruit Quality with Surface Microbiomes, Climatic and Imaging Data

Fully Funded EngD Scholarship: Modelling the heat transfer of molten metal during the steel making process

PhD Studentship Opportunity in Coupled Fluid and Structural Modelling of Brush Seals for Rotating Machinery

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Oct 30, 2012