National Electronics Week: North Africa 2012

Titre: National Electronics Week: North Africa 2012
Catégorie: Conférences, Congrès, Foires, et Salons (ندوات ومؤتمرات و معارض) / Salons
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Date d'insertion: Mar 28, 2012
Location: Tunis (تونس)
Tunisia remains a competitive country and continues to attract an increasing number of foreign investors and enjoy their trust despite the effects of the turmoil in the Arab and Middle East region and the European crises.
Exhibiting at NEW NA offers you the most cost effective way to penetrate this marketplace and with competetive exhibition space this really is a great opportunity.
There are 120 specific electronic manufacturing companies in North Africa including ST Microelectronics, Sagem, Actia, Roal Electronics, Johnson Controls, CIBES Elettronica, Lancorix Electronique, Fuba, Asteel and Siemens and they employ around 26,000 people. However, NEW NA will also to targeting surrounding countries like Morocco, Libya, Algeria, Egypt and Malta.

Date: 13-16 Juin 2012
Téléphone: + 44 1483 420 229
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