North American Tunisian Engineers Group (NATEG)

Titre: North American Tunisian Engineers Group (NATEG)
Catégorie: Tunisiens à l'étranger (التونسيون بالخارج)
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Date d'insertion: Jul 20, 2018
Location: Etranger (الخارج)
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North American Tunisian Engineers Group (NATEG)
جمعية المهندسين التونسيين بامريكا الشمالية
North American Tunisian Engineers Group (NATEG) was founded by a group of Tunisian engineers and engineering students residing in North America. It is apolitical, non-profit, non-governmental, and is all about engineering.
NATEG's mission is to build intra- and inter-continent networks and to establish bridges between Tunisians in Tunisia and those in North America for the bidirectional flow of ideas, the sharing of experiences and the leveraging of skills for the technological advancement of the post-revolution Tunisia. .
1) Build a wide network of Tunisian engineers having a North American connection, wherever they may be.
2)Create bridging mechanisms that promote and facilitate the flow of ideas and of people between Tunisia and North America.
3)Promote engineering education and the engineering profession as well as technological entrepreneurship of young engineering graduates.
4)Contribute to the establishment of cross-Atlantic partnerships of different kinds.
5)Become a reference organization and a highly credible advisory body in engineering / technology matters to governmental agencies in Tunisia and in North America.
6)Collaborate with other North American based groups seeking to help in the technological development of Tunisia.
Adresse: 7709 Cordner, Lasalle, Québec, H8N 2X2, Canada
Téléphone: (+1) 514 284 9249
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