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Titre: Wecode Land Tunisie
Catégorie: Annuaire Professionnel (دليل الخدمات) / Enseignement, Formation
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Date d'insertion: Oct 10, 2018
Location: Tunis (تونس)
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مؤسسة تكوين وتدريب في شمال افريقيا والشرق الاوسط
WeCode Land started as an idea in 2014 to provide trainings in digital economy and help economically inactive youth join the labour market by getting digital jobs or launching their digital businesses. Now WeCode served more than 4000 Youth in Tunisia and is present in 4 different countries in the MEA region.
Our mission
Our mission is to develop trainings in digital economy to help 18 to 35 years old
economically inactive youth join the labor market by getting more economic
opportunities in digital jobs or launching their own digital business. WeCode Land
work too to support digital transition in emerging countries preparing human
Awards and honors
These awards and honors were wether attributed to WeCode Land or to its founders.
• 100 Tunisian Future Leaders
• Digital Woman of the Year Award for the Founder of WeCode Land 2017
• Ashoka Fellowship 2017
• Tunisian Youth Ministry Honor 2016
• Tunisian Parliament Honor 2016
• Orange Most Innovative Social Entrepreneur 2015
• French President François Holland Award for Social Innovation 2015
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