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Date d'insertion: Dec 27, 2018
Location: Etranger (الخارج)
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مؤسسة تكنولوجية تونسية بفرنسا تصنع وسائل الحماية والمراقبة الذكية
ADVEEZ, created in late 2011 in Toulouse, is a company of 40 people including 3 sales people in the USA. The startup, whose purpose is the identification and securing of goods and people, adapted a technological component from the automotive field, the field of the Internet of Things, access control and e-health (Silver Economy: wander and fall) as well as the security of airport vehicles using a 'SaaS‘ business model.
Since inception, the company has relied on innovation (collaboration with CNRS and SATT Toulouse, patent filing and Soleau envelope) achieving JEI status, the BPI Excellence program, and the "Pass French Tech" sequel. Cutting-edge technology has fueled the rapid increase of sales from exports with the signing of a contract with Delta Airlines and AVIAPARTNER.
Adresse: ADVEEZ, bâtiment 6, 12 rue Michel Labrousse, 31100 Toulouse France
Téléphone: (+33) 5 81 76 16 80
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